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We constantly strive to provide you with personalized expert advice to support your business development efforts so that you can meet the needs and concerns of your clients.

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  • Nara Kavkas

    Tel.: 1-800-901-0172 x21664
    E-mail: nara.kavkas@nbc.ca
    Nara Kavkas
  • Gabriel Aubry

    Expert Advisor
    Tel.: 1-800-901-0172 x21411
    E-mail: gabriel.aubry@nbc.ca
  • Ali Khalil Bazzi

    Expert Advisor, Ontario & Maritimes
    Tel.: 1-800-901-0172 x21105
    E-mail: alikhalil.bazzi@nbc.ca
    Ali Bazzi
  • Kevin Warner

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Calgary Alberta (AB)
    Tel.: 403-404-7530
    E-mail: kevin.warner@nbc.ca
    Kevin Warner
  • Katy fay

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Saskatoon (SK)
    Tel.: 306-716-0790
    E-mail: katy.fay@nbc.ca
    Katy Fay
  • Alain Maalouf

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Greater Montreal Area (QC)
    Tel.: 514-232-2476
    E-mail: alain.maalouf@nbc.ca
    Alain Maalouf
  • Chantal Deschenes

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Greater Quebec City Area (QC)
    Tel.: 418-570-2230
    E-mail: chantal.deschenes@nbc.ca
    Chantal Deschenes
  • Karen Clancy

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Western GTA (Ont.)
    Tel.: (416) 316-7314
    E-mail: karen.clancy@nbc.ca
  • Catherine Cunningham

    Financing Solutions Specialist, London (ON)
    Tel.: 226-235-8273
    E-mail: catherine.cunningham@nbc.ca
    Catherine Cunningham
  • Claude Blais

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Greater Montreal Area (QC)
    Tel.: 514-291-1430
    E-mail: claude.blais@nbc.ca
    Claude Blais
  • Manon Bouchard

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Saguenay (QC)
    Tel.: 418 944-1309
    E-mail: manon.bouchard@nbc.ca
  • Sofia Praskey

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Region Golden Horseshoe (ON)
    Tel.: 647-883-8940
    E-mail: sofia.praskey@nbc.ca
  • Adnan Boni Dhali

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Ottawa (ON)
    Tel.: 613-314-9400
    E-mail: adnan.dhali@nbc.ca
    Adnan Dahli
  • Lisa Davies

    Financing Solutions Specialist, Oshawa (ON)
    Tel.: 905-914-5817
    E-mail: lisa.davies@nbc.ca
    Lisa Davies