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Physician business Account

This product is available exclusively to self-employed physicians (incorporated or not). It is a business account that the company can use for all day to day transactions.

It enables clients to save on transactional fees and to simplify the management of their operations. The clients earn a daily return on amount on deposit, while having access to funds. The company receives on a monthly basis a breakdown of banking transactions and vouchers.


  • Available only in Canadian dollars
  • No monthly fee
  • Transaction history and balance information available via internet, telephone banking, at National Bank’s ATM and mobile banking
  • No charge for electronic fund transfers between National Bank accounts
  • No charge for preauthorized debits, when debiting the client’s account
  • First order of 100 cheques included
  • No charge for Business client card and internet banking set up
  • Option to deposit funds via mailing in postage-paid envelopes to the National Bank, National Bank automatic teller machine (ATM) network and via internet either by direct deposit or other preauthorized credits.
  • Option to have a Physician Business Line Of Credit linked to the account
  • Monthly statement will be provided with cleared cheques
  • Up to 2 signatures are permitted on the Physician Business Account, excluding sole proprietorships, for which only one signature is allowed (the owner’s)
  • Transfers from personal accounts to business accounts are not allowed. 
According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, this product might not be available.