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Investment Line of Credit

The Investment line of credit is the ideal product for your customers who have few financial obligations and want to use the strategy of leveraging (borrow to invest) to build their long term assets portfolio.

This product is a financing tool used primarily for Investment purposes. It allows your customers to purchase and pledge eligible non-registered units of mutual funds or segregated funds to support the line of credit by the applicant.

Following a financial analysis of the client’s situation and validation of its higher risk tolerance, this strategy may have several advantages: generate after-tax income that is greater than the after-tax interest on the loan, potentially benefit from income tax deductions1 etc.

Product Features:

  • Financing2  : 100 % of the total investment
  • Credit limit :
    • Minimum amount of $10 000
    • Maximal amount of $250 0003
  • Interest rate : Variable interest rate based on the Bank’s Prime rate plus a pre-determined spread. Interest is calculated daily and payable monthly
  • Interest Rate Discount : Rate discount of 0.25% off posted rates apply if 100% of the loan proceeds and any required additional collateral are invested in eligible National Bank investment funds
  • Repayment : Interest only (Capital and Interest available)
  • Annual Revision
  • Non-Revolving credit
According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, this product might not be available.

1 The Bank is not ultimately responsible for interest that is not deductible
2 All requests are subject to full underwriting and to the Bank’s approval
3 Requests above $250,000 are assessed in a case by case manor (additional conditions may apply)