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Secured and Non Secured Personal Flex Line

In case of an emergency or for future business opportunities, the personal Flex Line® is a quick flexible way to access funding at any time. Customers can use it to fund major projects such as home renovations, to buy a cottage, to contribute to their RRSPs or to save for their children. 

This product is flexible and is offered an attractive rate. The limit is determined by the client’s debt ratio. The minimum payment required per month is the amount of interest, however it is still possible to make additional payments to reduce the debt.

The line of credit is a source of financing that enables customers to eliminate multiple credit applications. The line of credit can also be used as an overdraft protection on their transactional account.


  • Minimum amount: 5 000.00$
  • Increases must be done in increment of 1 000.00$
  • Cheque availability: 5 free cheques upon account opening
  • Client card available
  • Interest calculated on the daily closing balance
  • Payment frequency: monthly
  • Minimum payment: interest only
  • Monthly statement available online or mailed
  • No monthly fees
  • Option of making minimum payment via automatic transfer at no extra charge
  • Life insurance available
According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, this product might not be available.

® Personal Flex Line is a registered trademark of National Bank of Canada