All-In-One Home equity line of credit

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Help your clients finance or even refinance1 their dream home without giving up on the things they value.

With the All-In-One™ home equity line of credit, your clients can pay off their loan AND access their repaid principal2, so they won’t have to apply for other loans to accomplish their goals.

The All-In-One is perfect for clients looking to:

  • Better optimize their debt management
  • Build a made-to-measure mortgage (with a mortgage portion and a line of credit portion)
  • Repay principal at their own pace
  • Use their home equity to finance other projects
  • Develop a cash damming strategy for self-employed individuals

How does it work?

Purchase or refinancing: up to 65% of the value of the property
Possibility of financing up to 80% of the value of the property if combined with a mortgage loan

The All-In-One can help your clients:

Finance a home purchase

All-In-One can help your clients finance or refinance their property.

  • Flexibility of a line of credit combined with a mortgage loan portion
  • Minimum down payment at least 20% of the home's value
  • Eligible for the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP)

Finance projects

As your clients gradually pay off their mortgage, the repaid capital becomes available credit that can be used to finance other projects.

  • Possibility to have multiple transactional accounts and to manage each one separately
  • Monthly consolidated account statement
  • Single and advantageous rate on the line of credit


Develop a cash damming strategy

Self-employed individuals can use the All-In-One as part of a cash damming strategy.

  • Use the line of credit to pay for business expenses.
  • Use the increased business cash flow to pay down the mortgage faster.
  • Transform non-deductible interest (such as interest paid on a residential mortgage) into deductible interest.
  • Convert bad debt into good debt.
*Note: This strategy should be developed by a tax advisor to ensure it fits your clients’ situation and needs.

See what else the All-In-One can do for your clients.

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Little details that matter

Everything you need to know about the All-In-One

 With National Bank – Advisor Banking Services, you’re ensuring your clients benefit from:

More flexibility
Your clients' minimum monthly payment includes only the interest and any insurance premium. Managing their cashflow is up to them - they can adjust their payment amount as necessary. They use what they need, then pay back all or part of the loan anytime without penalty. 


More accessibility
Your clients’ All-In-One functions just like their bank account. Funds are accessible through traditional methods, cheques, National Bank and THE EXCHANGE Network ABMs across Canada, and online banking services. One account statement covers all of their borrowing.

More tax deductibility
Your clients can open several distinct transactional accounts within the All-In-One. If an account is used for investment, they can isolate and deduct interest.

More opportunity
Your clients’ repaid principal automatically becomes available for them to reborrow without having to submit another credit application. This can free up cashflows for investment or insurance and eliminate the need to ask for financing should an opportunity to purchase appears.

More savings
National Bank – Advisor Banking Services offers one of the lowest, most attractive rates on the market, meaning your clients can consolidate all of their debts and save on interest. Plus, when they integrate their other accounts into the All-In-One, they’ll pay only a flat fee of $6 per month per account.

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We’ve developed the perfect tool to help you review the All-In-One with your clients. In it you’ll find charts that compare the All-In-One alongside a standard mortgage, based on features, rates and savings. It’s everything your clients will need to know and more. Feel free to share it with them by email today.

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  1. Decide with your client whether All-In-One Banking is right for them.

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  5. Fax the form to 1-888-307-2997.

  • We’ll acknowledge receipt of your referral.
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  • We’ll work hard finding a solution that best meets your clients needs.
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  • We’ll complete the paperwork and compliance requirements with your client. 
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  • We’ll close the deal.
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  • You’ll get compensated*!
 *Subject to the financing and credit approval of National Bank. Certain conditions apply.

Legal Disclaimers
 ALL-IN-ONE is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.
  1. Subject to credit approval by National Bank.
  2. Subject to not exceeding the maximum line of credit amount available, i.e., 65% of the value of the property
Promotion - Terms, Conditions and Eligibility

National Bank – Advisor Banking Services is giving you the chance to get up to $50,000* in commission when you refer at least 5 clients for the All-In-One. For every file submitted and authorized between April 15 and August 31st, 2018, you’ll receive a bonus on top of your standard rate and your trailing commission. See the table below for compensation levels.

Number of Applications Standard/Upfront Commission
per Application
Bonus per application Total Commission
50+ $500 $500 $50,000+
20 - 49 $500 $400 Up to $44,100
10 - 19 $500 $300 Up to $15,200
5 - 9 $500 $200 Up to $6,300
1 - 4 $500 $0 Up to $2,000

* Certain conditions apply.                                                                                                   


  • To receive a commission, the Advisor must be commission-based and affiliated with a signed National Bank – Advisor Banking Services partner. Sun Life Financial advisors are excluded from this promotion.
  • Valid for new All-In-One sign ups or transfers from another financial institution only.
  • Valid only if the line of credit portion has an outstanding balance of at least $125,000.
  • Files must be submitted and authorized during the promotional period from April 15 to August 31st, 2018 to qualify for the bonus compensation. The files need to be disbursed before December 31st, 2018 in order to get paid the bonus compensation.    

Commission Payments

  • Payment of commissions and bonuses are made through the head office of the partner firm. National Bank – Advisor Banking Services is not responsible for the amount paid to the advisor as part of the partnership between the firm and National Bank – Advisor Banking Services.
  • Standard compensation (upfront) and trailing commissions on the line of credit portion will be paid on a monthly basis to the signed partner as per the usual schedule.
  • Bonus compensation will be paid starting in October based on files disbursed at that time. Adjustments will be made after the last disbursement.

This offer may be modified or canceled without notice by National Bank – Advisor Banking Services.

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