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Mortgage loans

Our mortgage solutions stand out from the competition on many levels. Depending on the loan, your customers will reap the benefits:

  • Fixed payments to help them manage their budget
  • Flexibility to convert a variable rate mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage for a term equal to or longer than the outstanding term of the loan
  • Conversion option to lower the interest rate on a fixed term*
  • Very competitive interest rates for faster repayment of the principal
  • Ceiling rate which protects against excessive increases in interest rates
  • Insurance tailored to their diverse needs to protect their assets
Mortgage Loan with: Variable-rate Capped-rate Fixed-rate
Description Loans with a fluctuating interest rate throughout the term Loans with a fluctuating interest rate throughout the term but with a fixed ceiling rate Loans with a fixed interest rate throughout the term
Clients who: Want to save on interest Are seeking stability
Can tolerate fluctuating mortgage rates Want protection from interest rate hikes Want a fixed rate and fixed payments throughout the term
Amortization Maximum of 25 years
Term – open N/A 6 months or 1 year
Term – closed 5 years From 3 months to 10 years
Variable payments Adjusted each month, based on the interest rate in effect on the revision date N/A
Fixed payments Can be revised if no longer sufficient to cover current interest rates Fixed throughout term
Frequency of payments Monthly, semimonthly, weekly
Type of loan Conventional or insured loan
Deed With a revolving clause
Fixed payments Makes budgeting easier
Rate conversion Possible to convert the mortgage into a fixed rate with a term equal to or longer than the outstanding term. N/A
Reduced rate conversion option with a fixed term for new loans where no cash back has been given. N/A N/A
Interest rate Very competitive Interest savings due to low rate The loan holder knows the exact amount of their payments and how much principal will be repaid over the term
Other A larger portion of the principal can be repaid Capped rate that protects the holder against interest rate spikes Open fixed rate allows the holder to renegotiate their mortgage without penalty if interest rates fall and repay the whole mortgage without penalty
Insurance Life, disability and critical illness insurance available

*Certain conditions apply

According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, this product might not be available.