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Let your client enjoy all the privileges of a card designed just for them! Thanks to the Platinium MasterCardTM your client can travel when they want, without restrictions and with complete peace of mind1

The rich and diverse À la carte Rewards Plan

$1 in purchases = 1.5 points

Points can quickly and easily be changed to obtain travel discounts, or a wide variety of name-brand merchandise or gift cards

Travel without restrictions

Flexible and generous, the Platinum MasterCardTM allows your client to travel without restrictions and with peace of mind:

  • Travel where and when they want, with the airline or travel agency of their choice
  • Last-minute discounts and seat sales benefits
  • Exchange À la carte points for plane tickets, hotel reservations, excursions or any other admissible travel expense

For more information on the À la carte Rewards Plan, visit

Reassuring protection

The Platinum MasterCard’sTM insurance2 program offers your client and its family the peace of mind they deserve.

A complete travel insurance program

Superior Out-of-Province-of-Residence Medical/Hospital Insurance is available with one of the most comprehensive coverage programs available

And further more

  • Trip cancellation insurance of up to $2,500 per person
  • Flight delay insurance of up to $500 per person, for flights delayed four hours or more
  • Vehicule rental insurance, exoneration from liability in case of collision, theft or damage to any vehicule rented for a period of 48 days or less
  • Purchase protection, an extended warranty triples the manufacturer’s coverage period for up to two additional years
  • Zero Liability, your clients are not protected from unauthorized purchases made with the card
  • Additional cards, at no extra annual fee
  • MasterCard PayPassTM1,it allows your clients to make purchases, usually under $100, at participation retailers offering this technology, without requiring a signature or a PIN entry to authorize the transaction
According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, this product might not be available.

TM Platinum MasterCard is a Trademark of MasterCard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank of Canada. 
TM1 MasterCard PayPass and PayPass are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Inc. Authorized user: National Bank of Canada.
1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank.
2 Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Insurance and assistance services are provided by National Bank Life Insurance Company, Canassurance Insurance Company and Canassistance Inc.