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Our mission

Guided by our 100% open architecture structure, National Bank Investments is dedicated to providing diverse investment solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients. We consistently strive to be recognized as a key partner through a combination of innovation and excellence.

Our vision 

To be a client-centric top-tier Canadian asset manager dedicated to creating value.

Our values 

  • Client centricity
    Your satisfaction and that of your clients represent our success. Present at every stage, we are committed to nurturing your growth. 

  • Excellence 
    National Bank Investments’ solutions provide superior risk-adjusted investment returns over the long term, for all investor profiles. 

  • Innovation
    Based on our 100% open architecture structure, we can recruit the best portfolio managers from around the world. 
  • Integrity 
    We have developed a robust monitoring process of third-party managers to ensure that the investment strategy and objectives are respected at all times.