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Financial Publications

Some publications are available for investment specialists only.

NBI Weekly

A summary of the economics news of the week.

NBI Weekly

Weekly Economic Watch

The Weekly Economic Watch is an excellent and simple way to stay abreast of a series of important economic and financial indicators affecting the North American, provincial and global backdrops. It offers an analysis on a current economic or financial topic, together with a brief commentary on developments in the economic environment as depicted by economic indicators released during the week.


Asset Allocation Strategy

Asset Allocation Strategy is a document intended for all investment specialists. Based on conclusions from the Bank’s advisory investment committee meetings, it outlines the main economic outlook, analyzes market trends and sets out the resulting tactical asset allocation recommendations.

Asset allocation strategy

Strategic Monthly Review

The Strategic Monthly Review summarizes the major market news and events. The document covers the Canadian and the American markets with a brief review of International Equity. It concludes with a snapshot of our solutions; showing the performance and tactical allocation of our balanced profiles.

Strategic monthly review

Market Summary

The Market Summary offers you an overview of the day's financial highlights from around the world. In addition, the North American indexes section offers a glance at economic activity closer to home. Access data from any of the past five business days right now.

Market summary