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  • NBI Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund

    • Agile - Vast investment flexibility
    • Focused - Disciplined risk targets
    • Unconstrained
    • Uncorrelated sources of returns

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  • NBI Global Real Assets Income Fund

    • Global diversification through exposure to real asset related sectors
    • High source of dividend income
    • A strategy that has demonstrated attractive performance and upside-downside capture ratios

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  • NBI SmartBeta Funds

    • Allow rule-based decisions and active returns
    • Aim at optimizing the risk/return of a specific index
    • Offer superior diversification
    • Conduct systematic monthly rebalancing

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  • National Bank Strategic U.S. Income & Growth Fund

    • Managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management
    • Core holding for clients looking for income
    • Conservative way to access equities
    • Reduced interest rate sensitivity compared to plain vanilla bonds

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  • National Bank Floating Rate Income Fund

    • Higher current income than Canadian money market instruments
    • Monthly income distribution
    • Lower interest rate sensitivity than traditional fixed income instruments
    • Investment grade quality portfolio
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  • NBI Jarislowsky Fraser Select Income Fund

    • Managed by Chris Kresic, with over 25 years investment industry experience.
    • Access to Canada’s largest independent investment counsel.
    • Strategic shift between high quality corporate bonds and stock
    • Target asset mix: 30% equity, 70% fixed income
    • 4% target annual distribution rate (paid monthly)
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  • Meritage Diversified Fixed Income Portfolio

    • Diversification: core diversified position invested in five bond funds
    • Market opportunities: allocation provides exposure to multiple drivers of bond return and possibility to tap a broad global opportunity set
    • Complementarity:  asset allocation based on optimal correlation between the selected underlying funds 
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  • NBI SmartData Equity Funds

    • Quantitative rules based approach
    • Use proprietary machine learning software to analyze big data themes
    • Turning big data into smart data by combining human judgment with processed unstructured data to transform big data into actionable ideas and results
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