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Meritage Portfolios®

Independent. Diligent. Proactive.

National Bank Investments celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Meritage Portfolios in the fall of 2016. Launched in 2006, these portfolios offer an objectively managed portfolio solution featuring mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The Meritage family now includes 31 portfolios designed to cater to any investor profile.

As of December 31, 2016, Meritage Portfolios had $3.4 billion in assets under management, making it one of the fastest growing fund families.

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 Culture and benefits          

  • 100% third-party funds
  • Complete suite offering of investor profiles
  • Optimal diversification
  • Exclusive selection process

  • Leading portfolio managers
  • External monitoring due diligence process
  • Solution to POS3

    Discover the culture and benefits


Range of portfolios

The Meritage Portfolios offering is made up of strategic and tactical portfolios. Learn more about the portfolios’ construction process and the diligent monitoring that follows.

Learn more about the range of portfolios

Management firms

The success of Meritage depends on partnerships with outstanding fund managers across the globe. These managers complement each other and are selected for their expertise and performance history.

Learn more about the management firms

Investor profiles and asset allocation

Meritage Portfolios line-up is designed to suit the unique needs of the different investor profiles. You will certainly find the solution that fits your investment objectives.

Learn more about the investor profiles

Meritage Portfolios List

Tactical ETF Portfolios

Fixed IncomeModerate  |  Balanced  |  Growth | Equity |

Global Portfolios

Conservative  |  Moderate  |  Balanced  |  Growth*  |  Dynamic Growth*  |

Income Portfolios

Diversified Fixed Income  |  Conservative  |  Moderate  |  Balanced  |  Growth  |  Dynamic Growth  |

Investment Portfolios

Conservative  |  Moderate  |  Balanced  |  Growth*  |  Dynamic Growth*  |

Equity Portfolios

Canadian*  |   Global*  |  International  |  American  |

*Also offered in corporate class