Round Table 2017

In the eyes of talented specialists

Brian W. H. Berghuis, Tye Bousada, Jason Gibbs, Richard Jenkins, Jane Lesslie, Mark D. Thomson

Meritage Portfolios celebrate their 10-year anniversary. In a decade marked by volatile and sometimes unpredictable markets, Meritage Portfolios have shown their long-term value and consistency.

We are pleased to offer you the Meritage Portfolios Round Table 2017. The report features six top portfolio managers of underlying funds, who discuss their views.

Round Table 2017 topics

2017 Overall strategy 

Where do you see opportunities?

What about the risks?

maple leaf Canadian outlook

Will the Bank of Canada raise interest rates in 2017?

Do you see any risks in having a narrow Canadian stock market?

us flag U.S. outlook

Will the U.S. Federal Reserve raise interest rates in 2017?

Are valuations getting too high?

globe Global outlook

The European Union, Japan, China and other developed countries

oil Oil and commodities

Will commodity prices recover in 2017?

volatility Fixed income and volatility

How will your portfolio be impacted if the U.S. Federal Reserve raises rates?

How do you plan on addressing these challenges?

What is the impact of volatility on your investment approach?

exclamation Final word

Other topics that keep our guest portfolio managers awake at night

For investment specialists only. Do not reproduce nor distribute to clients.